If you are considering a real estate sale or purchase whether as an investment or a residence, we are available on a consultancy basis. Our years of experience enable us to successfully advise clients before they make a large investment. We offer ideas for making prospective houses a better fit for your needs and the neighborhood as well as accurate budgeting for improvements.

We also offer a turnkey service where we will assist in finding the right property for a new home, and then design and build for a perfect fit. Extensive use of the internet and digital media allows us to easily handle all phases of your purchase and improvements regardless of where you currently reside. We have handled several large home construction projects where the new owners lived thousands of miles away and did not actually visit their new homes until they were close to completion.


We offer a complete service for owners that are planning on selling their homes.   We can advise on potential improvements that will bring a positive return, list and market the property as well as negotiate and handle the intricacies of the actual sale. 

Our years of experience and skill will insure that we maximize your proceeds from the sale. Depending on the location and the condition of your property we can even arrange financing to do a complete renovation and or construct a new home on your property, significantly increasing your profit.


Our success over the past 30 years has largely stemmed from our ability to identify and develop properties with a significant profit potential. We constantly target and track properties in exclusive neighborhoods. By combining a talented design with an extensive cost tracking database we are able to accurately and quickly gauge a property’s upside potential.

We have a track record of consistently high returns and in today’s tight capital market we are happy to work with investors. We are happy to review the dozens of speculative projects that we have successfully completed as well as evaluate potential new projects.

Tips and Advice



When moving for any reason, the first step is deciding where to live in what town or city. Then which house? There’s lots of work involved in making lots of choices. Unfortunately, once you have made these big decisions and have an accepted offer, there’s still a lot more to do. Here are ten tips to make these future tasks go a little easier.