Being Green

We are literally “Green” with a strong commitment to preserving and improving our environment. We are striving to add eco-friendly practices to all phases of the home building process.

For over 30 years we have been house recycling. Instead of building on undeveloped parcels we look for unremarkable houses in great neighborhoods. Once we have picked a site we save or relocate as many plantings and trees as possible. We only tear down the existing house as a last resort. We prefer to look for redeeming qualities or components that we will then save and reuse. First floors, living rooms, garages all have been rebuilt and incorporated into stunning new homes.

If we have to tear down an existing house we will take the time to remove and recycle as much of its components as possible. Cabinets, appliances, siding and more are donated or sold for reuse, metal is scrapped for recycling and where possible we sort our debris, sending combustibles off to generate electricity and minimizing the amount of material that goes into landfills.