New Construction and Renovation

W.R. Green Home Builders is available for new construction and renovations. By concentrating on only two to three projects at a time we can ensure that your home will get all the time and attention that it deserves.

DSCN0447 81 227 560 560 100Extensive cost tracking system enables us to accurately project costs and maintain budgets.

Computer Aided Design software and lean management style allows us to quickly and efficiently make changes to a project as it is being built. As our priority is to build the best houses possible, we structure our contracts so that change orders are handled as part of the project and not as a profit center.

Longstanding relationships with top craftsmen allow us to build the finest homes and create the highest value for our customers.

While we are committed to building only aesthetically pleasing, quality projects we are not bound by any particular style. All of our projects incorporate well thought out interiors and flowing floor plans. As our portfolio demonstrates, we are adept in building a wide variety of exterior styles.  We offer both in-house design and collaboration with leading architects.

In general we avoid traditional architect design/builder bid projects. The nature of the relationships and motivations between homeowner, architect and builder involved in these contracts do not keep the homeowner’s interest paramount. We prefer to build with a hybrid budget construction management contract that makes sure that your interests as the homeowner and ours are in alignment.   Instead of creating the design and then finding out what it will cost to build, we incorporate design and budgeting into the same phase ensuring that our houses will actually get built. Construction is handled on a management basis with costs tracked against a budget. Our fees only go as far as the budget so that we have an incentive to stay on target. We can further customize our agreements to keep our incentives in line with your priorities.