Building Green effects what and how we build.

A variety of environmental factors are assessed in planning for new construction or renovation:

Balancing the house on the property for aesthetics while minimizing impermeable driveways and other surfaces

Maximizing southern facing windows for solar gain and sunlight filled interiors.

Positioning the garage and parking on the northern side of the house as a buffer from cold north winds.  


Our attention to detail and selection of the following components ensure that our houses are comfortable to live in while being energy efficient:

Extensive use of new insulations to create a tightly sealed, conditioned building envelope.

Selection and specification of mechanical systems for high-efficiency, comfort and interior safety.  

The use of environmentally conscious materials and equipment, like - low VOC paints, air exchangers, steam humidifiers, gas filled, coated thermal windows, LED light bulbs and energy star appliances.

Extensive use of engineered and renewable lumbers while only using exotic and rainforest woods that are certified originating from responsible harvesters. 

Use of and setup for emerging technologies like PV solar and geothermal heating and cooling.